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Ticket Purchasing Details

Ways to Purchase an Audi R8 Ticket

Tickets may be purchased in the following way:

Use the Buy Ticket Now on the Raffle website, found only at dreamsraffle.com 

Note that ticket purchases via the website are limited to no more than 20 per order. This restriction is an effort to avoid purchaser error or purchasing decisions without full consideration of cost. Should a purchaser wish to acquire more than 20 tickets, please call us or send us an email as described above. We will be glad to help. Thrilled, actually!

Important note: raffle ticket sales are final.

Ticket Price

The price of a single ticket is $100.

Maximum Number of Tickets

The maximum number of tickets that this Raffle will sell is 1,500. It is possible that fewer may be sold, resulting in better odds for participants.

Ticket Sales End

In the event that tickets remain available through February 14, 2024 sales will conclude at 1 p.m. Mountain Time. Any order that is in progress at 1 p.m. on that date will be allowed to complete, subject to ticket availability. New orders will not be allowed from 1 p.m. onwards. In the event that an order arrives after 1 p.m. along with payment, that payment shall be refunded and the order voided.

Raffle ticket sales are final for all orders received timely.

Payment Methods

Major Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and others.

Deliverables to The Purchaser

Each purchaser will receive an electronic purchase receipt delivered to their email address, with a link to sign and download their ticket PDF file. Each purchaser who agrees to receive text notifications will also receive a text with a link to sign and download their ticket PDF file. Each raffle ticket stub will also be printed out and stored safely at DreamCatchers™ headquarters. The physical raffle ticket stub will be used for the Drawing. In all cases, the stub will be retained by DreamCatchers™.

Per New Mexico Attorney General Regulations, you should sign your ticket and the attached stub when you receive it. We also conduct this process electronically, by having you enter your initials to sign the ticket when you download it from either the emailed or texted link. This response indicates your acknowledgement of receipt of the purchase confirmation and constitutes your electronic signature. The ticket and attached stub already include the signature of an authorized representative of DreamCatchers™. The signature is important to us, because it confirms that you received the ticket. However, even if you don’t sign the ticket and even if we never hear back from you, your ticket will still be entered into the Drawing and you will still have a chance to win one of the Raffle’s Prizes!

Check Status of Ticket Entry

You may check the status of your order by verifying ticket number with first name and last initial posted on the Tickets Sold Page, receipt of ticket entry with PDF DocuSign showing raffle ticket number, first and last name on ticket, emailing info@dreamsraffle.com or calling us at 575-313-1740.

DreamCatchers does not have the option to mail raffle tickets via US Mail and will not do so.  It is against Federal law to send a raffle ticket through the US Mail (see 18 U.S.C. Section 1302), so please don’t.

Entry into the Drawing

Your ticket has three chances to win a Prize! The ticket’s stub will be entered into the Drawing and will be eligible for all three Prizes. We will draw the Grand through Third Prizes, in that order, and announce them in reverse order from Third to Grand Prize. If the stub is drawn for a Prize, the ticket/stub will not be re-entered into the Drawing and therefore will not be eligible for additional Prizes.