Native Alaskan handmade authentic design

Various material and ribbon

Prices begin at $45 and up depending size, material and accessories

Toddler, Child and Adult sizes available

Men’s or Women’s



In North Slope Borough, people in Alaska wear colorful, patterned and trimmed hooded garments with a useful, large front pocket. For these indigenous people, the classic Alaska handmade attire is known as a kuspuk.

According to the National Park Service, Kuspuk is an English word based on the Indigenous Yup’ik word “qaspeq” which translates to “cloth over parka.” These kuspuks are often made of colorful or patterned cotton material and are locally hand-made. There are many variations on the pattern and can be specific to a village or family.

These are handmade designs with various trim pattern, sleeve cut, addition of a skirt, color, or perhaps the addition of a zipper. We believe our kuspuks area versatile piece of hand-made clothing you can dress up or dress down. Custom orders are available.