Our People

DreamCatchers™ D.R.E.A.M.S Board Members

Our nonprofit complies with all federal and state regulations and retains three board members. DreamCatchers™ D.R.E.A.M.S board members are not paid employees of our nonprofit organization but unpaid volunteers. Each member provides high-level oversight over things such as finances, policies and procedures, programming, fundraising, and strategizing while providing foresight, oversight, and insight.

Cesar Orneleas Jr., J.D. – Current Board President

Originally from Kyle, Texas, Mr. Ornelas is a first-generation college graduate and a first-generation attorney. Licensed in Texas, Cesar Ornelas’s nationwide practice is entirely contingency fee-based and consists of a wide variety of catastrophic personal injury and death cases. He has represented countless victims of catastrophic accidents across the United States. Mr. Ornelas has devoted his entire career to giving a voice to the voiceless. Cesar stated in a previous interview the following about his most satisfying moment as an attorney, “In personal injury, you are given the opportunity to connect with members of the community on an intimate level. I have had the pleasure of getting to know and advocating for many wonderful families. What has truly been satisfying is the fact that we can not only change a family’s life but bring justice to their loved ones”.

Mauricio Lastra Jr, MA. – Current Board Vice President

A results-oriented business professional and family man. He is Assistant Vice President at Hub International. Mauricio is dedicated to serving individuals and families, assuring his loyalty is to each person he advises. He strives to safeguard each relationship he develops with a goal for each customer to be satisfied and happy while providing them with security. He prides himself on developing a personal relationship to support each individual and family in times of need.  Mauricio brings knowledge, expertise and experience to our nonprofit and serves as a role model supporting at-risk individuals so they can actualize the quality of life they desire.


Patricia Dahlin, M. Ed, MEDL – Current Secretary/Treasurer

A committed high-school science teacher working with at-risk students. She holds a masters in secondary education, a second in educational leadership and pursuing her third master’s in social work to provide a trauma-informed school environment. Patricia has been committed to providing integrative solutions to help at-risk students and individuals overcome identified barriers in various communities. Her energy, passion and strength-based approaches are contagious to those she comes into contact with. She is the visionary leader behind the nonprofit and is devoted to helping at-risk individuals achieve their dreams.



DreamPartners are like-minded businesses who provide an exclusive relationship with DreamCatchers™. These business professionals provide mentoring and training to support program participants in reaching their weekly ABC goals.  Our board members work together with DreamPartners to create and maintain our housing, mentoring, training and placement programs supporting our veterans, individuals with disabilities, domestic violence victims and those at-risk. Together we are providing program participants with the identified skills they need to overcome their employment and life barriers.

  • DreamPartners provide mentoring and training skills to support entrepreneurs in our DreamShop program.
  • DreamPartners are trained to provide trauma-informed services to support at-risk individuals and their families as they pursue their Academic, Behavior and Career (ABC) Career Development Ladder.
  • DreamPartners are dedicated businesses directly supporting the mentoring of our DreamApprentices and DreamInterns in our on-the -job training (OJT) program. 
  • DreamPartners trained to support and provide services for our housing, mentoring, training and placement Dream
  • DreamPartners mentor and train program participants who then network to place quality employees with a DreamBusiness to support their growth.
  • DreamPartners use multiple networking strategies to generate funding opportunities to support at-risk individuals and their communities in reaching their D.R.E.A.M.S.

Together we are creating a cycle of Academic, Behavior, and Career (ABC) success for at-risk individuals in communities utilizing our integrative four pillar programs: 

DreamHome, DreamLaw, DreamHealth and DreamLife.

DreamPartners Function

Our three-member board relies on building exclusive DreamPartners who carry out our nonprofits vision and mission. Our belief is to engage our DreamPartners to fulfill multiple roles within our nonprofit creating a win-win connection. Our board is dedicated to fostering faithful, reliable and trustworthy relationships with our exclusive DreamPartners.  Collectively, we are improving at-risk lives because we care about providing holistic, synergistic solutions by integrating the strengths, knowledge and experience of our DreamPartners.  Together we bring about the following:


  • DreamPartners serve as our advisory DreamTeam, guiding our nonprofit in its strategic planning.
  • DreamPartners seek out solutions for housing, mentoring, training and placement options for our program participants.
  • DreamPartners participate in trauma informed training to implement strategies to assist program participants and their families in realizing their ABC Career Development Goals.
  • DreamPartners support each other in creating a business referral system, support training programs and create a recommendation system to drive business growth.


  • Dunn Right Real Estate
  • Pioneer Bank
  • Bock & Associates, L.L.P.
  • From Above Drone Works
  • SVS Performance
  • Dent Punisher & Sound Lab
  • Jonah’s Marketing Business or Clean Water Business
  • OHub Insurance
  • Credit Restructuring- https://linktr.ee/crsllc
  • Edward Jones
  • RCA Developers- https://rcadevelopers.net/
  • We Create – https://wecreatenow.us/
  • MK Design House –
  • Sky Blue Massage, LLC –


DreamTeam-Our housing, mentoring, and training volunteers who support at-risk individuals in reaching their weekly ABC Career Development Ladder Goals

DreamBusinesses- Community businesses who receive support for long-term employment of at-risk individuals with ABC intervention services during On-the-Job Training (OJT) training