Mission and Impact


At-Risk Individuals Fulfilling Their Potential.


DreamCatchers™ D.R.E.A.M.S. creates new opportunities for individuals with disabilities, veterans, victims of domestic abuse and at-risk individuals through housing, mentoring, training and placement programs supported by Academic, Behavior and Career (ABC) Development.

Our Work

  • DreamCatchers™ is working with rural communities to provide trauma-informed Academic, Behavior and Career (ABC) development services to support at-risk individuals and their families in realizing their Dream
  • DreamPartners are working with rural school districts to support at-risk student’s individual success plan providing instructional classes to meet weekly ABC goals.
  • DreamTeam members support program participants with trauma informed interventions as they pursue their ABC Career Development Ladder providing mentoring and training programs.
  • DreamCatchers™ “Catch Your Star” after-school program provides services needed in rural school districts to assist at-risk students in overcoming identified barriers with solutions delivered by our Dream


We are communicators of not just the need for at-risk programs, but of the breadth of solutions to transform our ways of life to meet the challenges of our time. We engage communities with creative, solution-focused information to break down long-term employment and life barriers so our program participants can realize their D.R.E.A.M.S. and become a contributing member of their community.


We are working alongside communities, teachers, students, businesses, municipal officials, and industry leaders to build a diverse coalition. We are leveraging our network to support individuals with disabilities, our veterans, victims of domestic abuse and at-risk students and their families in fulfilling their potential.