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Jobs, Internships and Volunteers

We are DreamCatchers™, a diverse and talented DreamTeam of people deeply committed to achieving an equitable transition for at-risk individuals to overcome identified barriers by creating timely interventions. Our organization equips at-risk individuals, business leaders, and advocates with the information and resources they need to support long-term careers and lifestyles to best serve their communities. We believe that we can, and must, address the challenges of inequality to deliver a transformed program that finally puts people first, leading to long-term employment and quality of life. 

We work in two areas of impact: connecting thousands through our DreamPartners and building broad coalitions through our direct advocacy in rural communities. These strategies are driven by expertise in two core areas: creating cutting-edge programs and sharing information through our communication networks to connect communities with resources.

DreamCatchers™ is committed to building and sustaining an inclusive, equitable, and safe workplace for our program participants, our DreamPartners, and our network. We understand that overcoming at-risk barriers for long-term employment and attainment of quality of life is an intersectional issue requiring inclusion of diverse perspectives and backgrounds crucial to our success.